I asked the trial court judge Judge Graham to recommend transfer to a half-way house or another prison where reasonable access to a library could be found.


The trial court judge followed the reasoning of the Court of Appeals in a prior case and said that when I decided to represent myself, I voluntarily and knowingly waived my right to access to a library.  This is outrageous when one considers that the Court Clerk dismissed my appeal because I did not file a formal brief.  Even though I did file detailed briefs with citation to laws and cases that I could find in the partial library of Ashland Federal Prison.  They have a fair sized library, but it is without digests which point the researcher to specific cases.  This would be like jumbling the dictionary out of order, then telling the reader to read page after page until he finds the word he is looking for.  In addition, the library is not complete with the cases normally referred to in federal briefs.  In fact two of the cases cited by the government when they sought to oppose my brief were not in the library.  Thus I could not tell how wrong they were until I got out of prison.

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