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Born 1942, attended Grove City, Ohio high school, Ohio State University, Capital Law School.  Worked at various careers – photography, Columbus Ohio Firefighter, world’s first Emergency Medical Technician EMT (Heartmobile, Ohio State University), home builder, owner hardware and lumber yard store, lawyer (1983 – 1999), business consultant and farmer. Dublin, Ohio

Chuck Ewing, Hilliard OH

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Karen Avery October 16, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Hi Chuck,

Years ago I found and recorded Ewing genealogical data from you. I don’t remember whether we actually corresponded, but I had listed you as my source. Now, I believe I have data to give you in regards to John Randolph Ewing , b. c. 1832 (believe Feb. 1826 to 3-16-1903). This John married Frances ‘Fannie’ Aplin and among children had Harrison ‘Harry’ Enoch Ewing (9-19-1866 to 8-7-1944) who married Luella Mae Beltz and had sons, William Randolph Ewing (1889-1950) and Raymond Beltz Ewing (1891-1951). William Randolph Ewing had William Junior Ewing (1923-2009) who had Richard Lee Ewing (1949-2011) and Pamela Jean Ewing Ferst (1950- ).

I am the genealogist for Ewing Family Association http://www.ewingfamilyassociation.org Pamela recently joined and is looking for her Ewing ancestors. She is distressed that her brother died rather suddenly before she thought to get a Y-DNA sample from him. There are no other Ewing males in her line, so the question is whether you or another male of your line has done the Y-DNA test.


This ‘find’ is very exciting for me also. In searching for my earliest Ewing ancestors led me to record all families as I found them – now a data base of more than 11,000 Ewing born individuals.

Karen Avery
Ewing Family Association Genealogist


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