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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Jarvis, Alice Eileen & Hugh Dalton* ‎1916
woman Jarvis, Amanda Melissa X Daniel Griffin Belville* ‎25 Jul 1855* Noble County Ohio† ‎21 May 1940† Marysville, Ohio
man Jarvis, Andrew
man Jarvis, Andrews 1st & Elizabeth Shepherd, 2nd X Elizabeth "Betty" Allen* ‎14 May 1817* Guernsey County Ohio† ‎6 Sep 1905† Vinton Cty OH
woman Jarvis, Ann
woman Jarvis, Annabelle & Joe Potts* ‎6 Feb 1922† ‎6 Feb 2003† Marysville OH
man Jarvis, Basil X Rachel Hussey* ‎1808 ABOUT* Md† ‎before 8 Aug 1856† Guernsey County Ohio
woman Jarvis, Catherine * ‎1799
woman Jarvis, Catherine (Katherine) Edith 1st X Homer John Raynor, 2nd X John Wharton Griffith* ‎29 May 1883† ‎24 May 1941† Marysville, Ohio
man Jarvis, Charles Clayton X Effie Corrine "Opal?" Barnes* ‎19 Apr 1880* Liberty Twn Union Cty Oh† ‎26 Nov 1948† 425 W Seventh St Marysville, OH
man Jarvis, Chester Floyd * ‎7 Nov 1900* Paris Township Union County Marysville Ohio
man Jarvis, Clair Jr. X Stella Mae Wolfe* ‎30 Mar 1924* Census 1940 Union Cty Ohio† ‎3 Feb 1956† Marysville, Ohio
man Jarvis, Clayton Clair "Clair" & Opal L Bergandine* ‎23 Mar 1904* Unioin County Ohio† ‎24 Apr 1968† Union County
woman Jarvis, Elizabeth * ‎24 Jan 1859* Noble County Beaver Township Ohio† ‎30 Apr 1936† marysville, Ohio
woman Jarvis, Elizabeth * ‎1803
man Jarvis, Emanuel 1st X Lettie Lynch, 2nd X Emm Reed* ‎3 Mar 1830* Belmont, Ohio† ‎29 Sep 1906† At Home Raymond Pike, Union, Ohio
man Jarvis, Emmanuel X Hannah House* ‎3 Mar 1830* Belmont, Ohio† ‎30 Sep 1906† Union Cty Oh
woman Jarvis, Essie "Essie" X Charles Ewing* ‎3 Dec 1876* Paris Township, Union County Ohio† ‎3 Mar 1954† Marysville, Ohio
man Jarvis, Ezekiel Knight * ‎22 Aug 1844† ‎25 Sep 1872
woman Jarvis, Hannah * ‎1795
woman Jarvis, Ida Francis "Frankie" 1st X Pearl T Lewis, 2nd & Wesley Wiles* ‎13 Mar 1878* Ohio† ‎19 Oct 1931† Marysville, Ohio
woman Jarvis, Isabelle
man Jarvis, James W, * ‎1845† ‎1856† Noble County, Ohio, USA Batesville
woman Jarvis, Janice Lee 1st X William N Fuson, 2nd & Stanley G Warner PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Jarvis, John * ‎1849* Guernsey County Ohio
man Jarvis, John
man Jarvis, John X Hannah Hill* ‎1720† ‎1795
man Jarvis, John L 1st X Ruth, 2nd & Mary Hughs* ‎1778* Balltimore County Maryland (Carrol)† ‎11 Jan 1855† Noble County Beaver Township Ohio
man Jarvis, John W X Addie Belle Shirk* ‎4 Oct 1865* Paris Township Union County Marysville Ohio† ‎12 Apr 1942† Paris Township Union County Marysville Ohio
man Jarvis, Joseph A * ‎14 May 1852† ‎1856Apr† Noble County, Ohio, USA Batesville

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