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Make Your Vote an Informed Vote

Donald Trump is running as a Republican and is supported by the Republican National Committee.  This is the first time in my recollection that the voters have a choice of a seasoned, successful and  independent candidate running without the backing of major donors versus others who are career politicians backed by massive amounts of donations by special interests.  A full blown assault is being waged by the Democrats, coupled with a significant number of Republicans who are actively trying to deny Trump the office of president.  There is a reason the 535 legislators have an approval rate of about 10%!  I am hard pressed to be swayed by their opinion.  It is alleged that about 85% of the media are backing their team that is not Trump.  I am also hard pressed to be swayed by them.  I urge you to dig deeply into the facts, not the opinions of others, including me.  Please don’t vote for him because he is a Republican or even because he is a conservative.  Please don’t vote against him because he is not a member of your team, you feel he is indelicate or could use a charm school course.  Listen to his goals and if you agree with the majority of them, consider whether he has executive experience to carry out those goals, then cast your vote.  No matter how you vote, we can still be friends or at least civil.  I am not so sure about the candidates we voted not to be selected who made a pledge to support our choice then backed out.  I will remain civil, but do not respect them.

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