man Edward ? Ewing‏‎, son of James Ewing and Sarah Edwards‏.
Born ‎1765, died ‎14 Apr 1841 Butler County Ohio‎, 75 or 76 years
NO direct proof. Prudence Antrim Ewing lived in Logan County at the same time as John was married to Deborah

Married ‎15 Jul 1789 (51 years married) to:

woman Prudence Antrim‏‎
Married name: Ewing, born ‎3 Aug 1768 Burlington Co., Nj, died ‎28 FebRUARY 1853 MarCH? Clinton County Ohio‎


man John D Ewing‏
Born ‎1796 Pennsylvania (see daughter Elizabeth Notes OH?), died ‎16 Aug 1839 Champaign County, OH‎, 42 or 43 years. Occupation: Leather Working
1834 tax list Perry Twns Logan county 1 horse value 40 6 cattle value 48

A Captain John D. Ewing died on 16 Aug 1839 per a very blurry print in the Bellefontaine Gazette 24 Aug 1839. This is a year after John Smith Ewing died in Logan County and before the date of the application for administration by Deborah John's widow dated October 23, 1839

John Ewing was the first shoemaker in East Liberty, it seems this is the father of John Randolph Ewing and Oliver Ewing who were both referred to as shoemakers at one time or another.
Memoirs of Miami Valley Pg 299

A theory, which is as yet completely researched, is that there is a connection to a John Hoge Ewing who was a noted name in Pennsylvania born in 1796. It is noteable that a Solomon Hoge was security for Deborah Ewing's guardianship application. Solomon was born 13 Mar 1803 in Greene, Pennsylvania. His father was Solomon Hoge whose father was William Hoge and whose mother was Esther Ewing of Pennsylvania. Since Deborah's parents were practicing Quakers, it is unlikely that she would marry outside of the faith or family connections within a year of moving to Ohio.

John H. Ewing, of this family, came to Washington College at the beginning of the college year in 1810, and made his home with his father’s friend, Hon. John Hoge, after whom he had been named. There was no relationship between them, but Mr. Hoge and Mr. William Ewing had been surveyors together in early days,
Thomas Antrim was a Quaker and a first settler of Logan County and sister Prudence Antrim born 1768 in NJ married Edward Ewing in 1789. Some internet records show a John Wesley Ewing being born in 1814 and others beyond this date to this couple. It appears this child is in fact John Wesley Cooper whose mother is Ann Ewing, daughter of Edward and Prudence. It also appears that this must be a mistake since Pr udence would then be over fifty years old. Edward Ewing and Prudence and possible son John could have come to Logan Ohio with Prudence's brother Thomas in 1806. Note Edward and Prudence Ewing are shown in Butler County Ohio in 1820, 1830 and 1840. Prudence is reported to have died in 1853 in Clinton Ohio

Note that the 1880 census showing Daughter Elizabeth with Jabez Blair says father was born in OH mother NJ likely an error
woman Ann Ewing‏
Married name: Cooper, born ‎3 Oct 1790, died ‎28 Mar 1836‎, 45 years