man Rueben Clark Bomar‏‎, son of William Wilshire Bomar and Elvira Adeline Willis‏.
Born ‎5 Jan 1847 Tenn, died ‎14 Jan 1901 Green County Oklahoma‎, 54 years
Soldier Confederate Army Battle of Murfeesboro on firing line (at least)

R. BOMAR Self M Male W 30 TN Farmer TN TN
J. BOMAR Wife M Female W 25 TN Keeping House TN TN
Edward BOMAR Son S Male W 7 TN TN TN
Carrie BOMAR Dau S Female W 5 TN TN TN
Jessie BOMAR Son S Male W 3 TN TN TN
James BOMAR Son S Male W 1 TN TN TN
Thomas BARKER Other S Male W 21 MO Farmer MO MO

Edward BOMAR b: Abt 1873 in Tennessee, USA
Carrie BOMAR b: Abt 1875 in Tennessee, USA
Jesse S BOMAR b: Abt 1877 in Tennessee, USA
James B BOMAR b: May 1879 in Tennessee, USA
Nola BOMAR b: Mar 1881 in Texas, USA
Walter R BOMAR b: 19 May 1883 in Texas, USA
Eula BOMAR b: Mar 1885 in Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA
Mabel BOMAR b: Feb 1887 in Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA
Fred BOMAR b: 16 Feb 1889 in Leon, Indian Territory, USA
Reuben C BOMAR b: 11 Nov 1890 in Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA
Birdie BOMAR b: May 1893 in Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA
Robert L BOMAR b: 7 Aug 1896 in Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA

Source Information:
Census Place Precinct 1, Cooke, Texas

Report of 20th Calvary CSA

Rueben Clark 1st Corporatl had a horse valued at 800.00 Fair complexion, light hair blue eyes 5' 7" May have surrendered at Johnsonville, TN

According to the pension application of Josie (Josephine) Bomar, Reuben Bomar surrendered with Robert E. Lee. He served for 2 years but she did not know the exact dates. Reubens command originally started in Tennessee. A witness by the name of W.L. Martin stated and signed legal doc. that he knew Reuben Bomar in the Confederate service. He saw Reuben in the Battle of Murferessboro, Tennesse on the firing line and knew he was a true and good soldier, and that before his enlistment, he (Reuben) lived in the town of Alexandria, Tenn.W.L. Martin signed his name and stated he was Gen. Buffords escort. August 12, 1913

The 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was first organized at Camp Trousdale, Tennessee, on December 16th, 1861. After the 44th suffered heavy losses at Shiloh, the regiment was consolidated with the 55th (McKoin's) Tennessee Infantry, a regiment which had also suffered heavily at that battle, and the two regiments were then reorganized and designated as the 44th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry. The 44th Infantry then fought in all the battles of the Army of Tennessee through Chickamauga. After that battle, the regiment was assigned to Longstreet's Corps, and participated in the Knoxville campaign. It's final duties involved long months in and around the defenses of Petersburg, Virginia. On 2 April,1865, the 44th's position in the lines was over-run, and most of the regiment was captured. The few that escaped surrendered with Lee at Appomattox.

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Married ‎20 Apr 1871 (29 years married) to:

woman Ephobie Josephine (Josie) Kennedy (Cannedy)‏‎, daughter of John Carroll Kennedy (Cannedy) and Margaret Edwards‏.
Born ‎18 Jan 1855 Smithville, Dekalb County, Tennessee, died ‎21 Feb 1934 Crowell, Foard County, Texas‎, 79 years
Joesephine (Cannady) Kennedy Bomar
Joesephine (Cannady) Kennedy Bomar

See signature on Jesse's draft registration
A lot of information perhaps this Josephine is in fact David Jasper's daughter see Josies death certificate say father was David

Name: Josephine P KENNEDY
Given Name: Josephine P
Surname: Kennedy
Sex: F
Birth: 18 Jan 1855 in Smithville, Dekalb County, Tennessee, USA
Death: 21 Feb 1934 in Crowell, Foard County, Texas, USA
Census: with husband & 4 children 1880 Cooke County, Texas, USA
Census: with husband & 9 children 1900 Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA
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Note:(1) 1900 census shows 12 children born, 12 living.
(2) Shirley Valverde e-mail (14 Nov 2007) "Josephine P Kennedy (Cannady) was the wife of Reuben Clark Bomar. Born January 18, 1855 in Dekalb Co. Smithville, Tennessee. Died Feb. 21, 1934 Crowell, Foard Co., Tx. Her parents were John and Margaret (Edwards) Cannady. She married Reuben Bomar 20 April 1871 in Dekalb Co., Tenn. This info according to Confederate Pension application (widow) and from her daughter Nola's family bible."


man Jessie Sewell Bomar‏
Born ‎27 Apr 1877 Nashville TN Obit, died ‎15 Nov 1939‎, 62 years, buried ‎ Oak Hill Cemetery McAlester OK. Occupation: Sheriff

Testified in trial as Deputy Sherrif J. S. Bomar Zedda v State
235 P. 939
30 Okl.Cr. 348
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Cite as: 1925 OK CR, 30 Okl.Cr. 348, 235 P. 939
man Edgar Preston Bomar‏
Born ‎14 Jan 1872 Nashville, Tenn., died ‎29 Jun 1953 Croswell Tx‎, 81 years, buried ‎ Crowell Cemetery. Occupation: Rancher
Sheriff at Croswell TX?

Shown as Edward in 1880 census in Precinct 1, Cooke, Texas,
woman Carrie Bomar‏
Born ‎25 Oct 1873, died ‎7 Dec 1942‎, 69 years
John Smith 50 1910 Census Georgetown, Williamson, Texas
Carrie Smith 37
Eli Smith 14
Lizzie Smith 12
Birdie Smith 8
Archie Smith 5
Neley Smith 3
man Willshire Bomar‏‎
Born ‎18 Jul 1875, died ‎27 Jul 1876‎, 1 years
man Jim Bomar‏
Born ‎7 May 1879, died ‎2 Aug 1951 Vernon TX‎, 72 years, buried ‎ East View Cemetery. Occupation: First Lieutenant US Army
142 Infantry 36 Division Headston Marker app Signed by Delia Jane Bomar
woman Nola Jane Bomar‏
Married name: Smith, born ‎12 Mar 1881, died ‎25 Aug 1969 Blackwell Kay County Oklahoma‎, 88 years
Judd Smith born and died 6 Aug 1923
man Walter Bomar‏
Born ‎18 May 1883, died ‎1 Sep 1935 Borger Tx‎, 52 years
woman Eula Bomar‏
Born ‎13 Mar 1885, died ‎4 May 1961 Carter Okla‎, 76 years
woman Mable Bomar‏
Born ‎21 Feb 1887, died ‎25 Sep 1914 Mangrum Ok‎, 27 years
man Fred Bomar‏
Born ‎16 Feb 1889, died ‎14 Dec 1978 Crowell Foard Texas‎, 89 years, buried ‎ Wilbarger Memorial Park Wilbarger County Texas. Occupation: Cowboy

man Rueben C "Bud" Bomar‏‎
Born ‎11 Nov 1890 Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, USA, died ‎19 Dec 1978 Potter County TX‎, 88 years. Occupation: PFC US Army WWI

woman Birdie Emma Bomar‏‎
Born ‎19 May 1893 Duncan, Okla.
man Robert Luther "Bob" Bomar‏
Born ‎1 Aug 1896, died ‎11 Feb 1982 Lubbock Tx‎, 85 years. Occupation: Tile Setter

2nd marriage
man Rueben Clark Bomar‏‎, son of William Wilshire Bomar and Elvira Adeline Willis‏.

Married ‎20 Sep 1868 Bedford Tn (32 years married) to:

woman Betty F Stokes‏‎