man John Bomar‏‎, son of Edward Bomar and Isabella Fielding‏.
Born ‎1725/1730 Eng., died ‎22 Apr 1799 Halifax Va‎, approximately 74 years

Married ‎1745/1750 Essex County Va (approximately 21 years married) to:

woman Barbara Ann Bush‏‎, daughter of John Bibby Bush and Susanna Walker Spencer‏.
Also known as: Barbrey, married name: Bomar, born ‎2 Jun 1738 Essex County Va, died ‎2 Jun 1766 Halifa‎, 28 years

Spencer Bomar b. 1755 in Virginia
John Bomar b. 31 Jul 1759 in King & Queen Co, Virginia
Fielding Bomar b. About 1761 in Virginia
Bibby Bomar b. 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia
Armistead Bomar b. 1768 in Essex Co, Virginia
William J. Bomar b. 1765 in Halifax County, Virginia
Edward Bomar b. 11 Feb 1767 in Halifax County, Virginia
Susannah Bomar b. 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia
Reuben Bomar b. 1759 in Essex Co, Virginia


man Rev William Johnson Bomar‏
Born ‎14 Feb 1776 Halivax Va, died ‎Jun 1854 Grayson County Texas‎, 78 years, buried ‎ Austin Street Cemetery Grayson County Texas
The Christian (or Cambellite) Church Rev

BOMAR: Need any info. regarding DAVID BOMAR born abt. 1858, Smith Co., son of William Wilshire Bomar who was son of William Johnson Bomar.He was married to 1.Ferguson; 2. Elizabeth Terry; 3. Beasley; and 4. Willis. Thanks
Herbert Barger

dekalb county cemetery BOMAR 6 From Alexandria go east 1 & 1/2 mile on New Hope Road; cemetery is near road on south side.

Bomar, John pvt. age 32 Enlisted Sept. 30, 1862 Chapel Hill T. C. H. Miller Deserted Feb. 15, 1865 Oath administered Feb. 20, 1865 Residence-Williamson Co. complexion-fair hair-light eyes-blue height 5 ft. 9 in. Remarks: has family Extra duty Dec. 1- Dec. 31, 1863

Willis (Wife)

Marriage: 1850
John Bomar

Sally Edmonds Ferguson (Wife) b. 1785 in Halifax County, Virginia
Marriage: 19 DEC 1799
Isaac Ferguson Bomar b. 1801
Nancy Carole Bomar b. 1811
Spencer Edmund Bomar b. 1813 in Halifax County, Virginia
Thomas Bomar b. 1805

Elizabeth Terry (Wife) b. 1785

Marriage: 14 AUG 1816
Emaline C Bomar b. 22 Feb 1827 in Tennessee
Eliza Ann Bomar b. 06 Jun 1819
James Riley Bomar b. 1823
Nathaniel Terry Bomar b. 09 Nov 1824 in Tennessee
William Wilshire Bomar
David Terry Bomar b. 1822

Joannah Beasley (Wife) b. About 1776

Marriage: 26 DEC 1841
Victoria Bomar
Viana Bomar b. 29 Dec 1843
Andrew Walter Bomar
Maude Bomar
In the fall of 1853, according to the account of one of William Johnson Bomar's granddaughters (WWM's grand niece), five of his sons came to Texas with their families and an uncle "Tommy Terry" (see "A Letter from Mrs. Ledbetter" Frontier Times, Vol 5, No 7, Apr 1928, p. 299).
man Spencer Bomar‏‎
Born ‎1777 Essex County Va
man John Bomar‏‎
Born ‎31 Jul 1759 King and Queen County, Virginia, died ‎7 Nov 1845 Hart County, Kentucky‎, 86 years
man Edward Bomar‏
Born ‎11 Feb 1767 Halifax County VA, died ‎1855 Spartanburg SC‎, 87 or 88 years
man Booker Bomar‏‎
Born ‎ Essex County, Virignia
man Armistead Bomar‏‎
Born ‎1768 Essex County, Virignia, died ‎15 Jan 1840 Campbellton, Georgia‎, 71 or 72 years
man Reuben Bomar‏‎
Born ‎1759 Essex County, Virignia, died ‎25 Feb 1841 Henry Co., Tennessee‎, 81 or 82 years