woman Emmaline Carolee (Curie) Bomar‏‎, daughter of Rev William Johnson Bomar and Elizabeth "Bettie" Terry‏.
Born ‎22 Dec 1827 Tennessee, died ‎29 Aug 1933 Wilson County, Tennessee‎, buried ‎ Martin-Woodrum Cemetery Gladeville Wilson County Tenn
Emmaline C Bomar Martin
Emmaline C Bomar Martin

William Lindsay (W. L.) Martin b. 14 Apr 1844 in , Wilson County, Tennessee
James Frank Martin b. 1848 in , Wilson County, Tennessee
Thomas A. (Tom) Martin b. 1851 in , Wilson County, Tennessee
Victory Martin b. 1862 in , Wilson County, Tennessee
for an extended history of this marriage by Ronald L Martin see:

Sometime between 1836 & 1844 they moved to Wilson County, TN

The following from an interview with her g grandson, William Douglas Martin
Emmaline smoked a corn cob pipe. She was 106 years old when she died in 1933. Her grandson, Dr. William Douglas Martin (medical doctor), raised a boy, surname Beasley, who got the plantation house and 360 acres in the early 1960s. The house was located 9 miles south of Lebanon, TN. This would put the house in the Cherry Valley, TN area.
During the Civil War, Emmaline was forced (at gun point) to cook for the Union soldiers, in her house. She had sons fighting in the Confederate States Army.

Married ‎5 Mar 1843 (60 years married) to:

man Thomal Stacy Martin‏‎, son of Lindsay C Martin and Nancy Stacy‏.
Born ‎5 Sep 1820 Tennessee, died ‎10 May 1903 Wilson County, Tennessee.‎, 82 years, buried ‎ Martin-Woodrum Cemetery Gladeville Wilson County T
Civil War: "Wilson's" Reg't Tennessee Calvary, film M231 roll 27;

Thomas S. Martin, rank: Private

The Martin plantation was 9 miles south of Lebenon, TN (Gladeville




man William Lindsay Martin‏
Born ‎14 Apr 1844 Wilson County, Tennessee, died ‎19 Dec 1924 Callisburg, Cooke Co., Texas‎, 80 years

W. L. and Mary Martin were charter members of the Callisburg Methodist

Church, Cooke County, TX. formed in 1898. Prior to this they were Baptist.

After the Civil War, W.L. owned a drug store in Franklin, TN. (this would be between 1865 and 1879) He left TN in 1879.

W E Martin

Edgar Martin

1878 – 1930

William Stonewall Martin

11 Dec 1892 in Callisburg, Cooke, Texas
18 Mar 1943 in Callisburg, Cooke, Texas

1892 – 1943

Jeanette Martin (Nettie)

1896 –

Emiline Martin

1897 –

Thomas Martin Colonel

1898 – 1968

William Stonewall Martin

1892 – 1943
man James Frank Martin‏‎
Born ‎11 Aug 1848 Wilson County, Tennessee, died ‎28 Jul 1905 Wilson County, Tennessee.‎, 56 years, buried ‎ Martin-Woodrum Cemetery Gladeville Wilson County T
man Thomas A. Martin‏
Born ‎11 Sep 1851 Wilson County, Tennessee, died ‎12 Mar 1926 Nashville TN Wilson‎, 74 years
woman Victory Martin‏‎
Married name: Atkinson, born ‎1862