man John Randolph Ewing‏‎, son of John D Ewing and Deborah Mathis‏.
Born ‎Feb 1826 Champaign County, OH, died ‎16 Mar 1903 Mingo Ohio‎, 77 years, death cause: Paralysis, buried ‎ Mt Carmel Cemetery M.E. Church. Occupation: Leather Working - Groom in 1880
1860 census shows he (28) and Frances (27) with their children Mary E. (7), Amanda (4) and Charles (2) This is Charles who first married Catharine Heath in 1881. This is Oliver's Charles. Note that a Charles and Franklin appear on the 1870 census living with a Mary Jones. Ages match and other female children appear in separate households.

Charles and Franklin in 1870 are probably Olivers children

John was a shoemaker. The 1850 census shows Oliver as a shoemaker also.

John R. and Randolph are the same man

Obituary shows him dying March 16 1903 being 76 years old

Married ‎20 Aug 1851 Champaign County, OH (51 years married) to:

woman Frances (Fannie) Aplin‏‎, daughter of Thomas Aplin and Sarah‏.
Born ‎2 Mar 1833 Devonshire, England, died ‎7 Jun 1913 Mingo Ohio‎, 80 years, buried ‎ Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Baptist Church)
At an early age came to America with her father, two brothers, Peter & George,
and two sisters, Fannie (Aplin) Ewing of Mingo, OH, and Martha (Aplin) Tiffany
, who lived in Dayton, OH.


woman Mary E. Ewing‏
Also known as: Elleta, born ‎19 Jun 1852 Logan County, Ohio, died ‎13 Nov 1917 Urbana, Ohio‎, 65 years, buried ‎ Mt Carmel
woman Amanda Ewing‏
Married name: McClure, born ‎1856 Champaign County, OH, died ‎13 Feb 1899 Urbana, Champaign county Ohio‎, 42 or 43 years
MARRIAGE: at Judiah Haines house by Rev Pumphrey

1880 census Zane, Logan, OH

Alexander MCCLURE SelfM Male W 29 PA Farm Laborer ENGLAND IRELAND
Amanda MCCLURE Wife M Female W 22 OH Keeps House OH OH
Clifford N. MCCLURE Son S Male W 1 OH PA OH
man Harrison Enoch "Harry" Ewing‏
Born ‎19 Sep 1866, died ‎7 Aug 1944 Champaign Co., North Lewisburg, OH10.‎, 77 years, buried ‎ Maple Grove Cemetery N. Lewisburg. Occupation: Sawmill Engineer - Carpenter
Fact 1: 1870
Fact 2: Jul 03, 1880, 14, with parents and older sister, Sallie C., 1611
Fact 3: Jun 1900, 33, Saw mill engineer. Married 11 years to Louella, 31 sons, William and Raymond. Live next to William & Elizabeth Organ with daughter Edna who married William Ewing.12
Fact 4: Apr 1910, 43, with parents, brother, Raymond and cousin, Mabel Albright, 513
Fact 5: Jan 12, 1920, 50, Louella, 50, William R., 30, a widower and a niece, Mable Albright, 1514
Fact 6: Apr 18, 1930, 64, House carpenter. Luella M., 60 William R., 40 widower, is garage mechanic.
Grandson, William, 6 - unknown parents15
Fact 7: Apr 08, 1940, 73, Luella, 70; widowed son, William 50; grandson, William, 1616
woman Sallie C "Sallie" Ewing‏
Married name: Kessler, born ‎16 Dec 1865 Jonesfield West Liberty OH, died ‎6 Jun 1930 Lewisburg, Champaign, Ohio‎, 64 years
No children