man Captain Christopher Hussey‏‎, son of John Hussey and Mary Wood‏.
Born ‎18 Feb 1599 Durking, Surrey County, England, died ‎6 Mar 1685 Hampton, NH Rockingham County‎, 86 years
Captain Christopher Hussey (Theodate Bachilor)
John Hussey Sr (Rebecca Perkins)
John Hussey Jr (Ann Inskeep)
Theodate Hussey Hodgin (Robert)
Rebecca Hodgin Todd
Stephen Todd (Sabilla Williams)
William Todd (Rachel Lappin)
Elizabeth Todd (Nathan Hoopes)
Charles D Hoopes (Sara Shuler)
Rachel Hoopes (ChesterEwing)
Charles Ewing (Charlotte Bomar)

Christopher Hussey, blown out to sea, is reputed to have killed the first sperm whale in 1712, and thereafter, whalers concentrated on this type of mammal since it’s oil was worth so much more than the ordinary (or “right”) whale. (likely not this Christopher, if true at all)

In 1665 a law was passed by the Massachusetts Colony that no Quaker could reside in that colony. This was the beginning of the terrible persecution of these people and the fore-runner of the settlement of Nantucket, where some of the Quakers fled for safety. In December of 1659, two Quakers, William Robinson, a merchant from London, and Marmaduke Stephenson, from Yorkshire, England, were hanged in Boston as heretics. The next year a woman was hanged there. Tristram Coffin made inquiry of the Island lying southeast of the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a future home free of the intolerance and persecution of the Massachusetts Colony. He found conditions to be satisfactory, and that same year, 1659, he concluded a deal and with other friends, went there to settle. He and these friends were not then Quakers, but they were kindly people and hated the cruelty and oppression suffered by the Quakers, and later they joined them in the faith. Those going to Nantucket were Tristram Coffin, Thomas Folger, Thomas Bernard, James Coffin, Christopher Hussey, Edward Starbuck, John Swain, Peter Pike, John Smith, John Bishop and five others less known.

Early settlers of Nantucket were Baptists and Presbyterians. Toward the end of the 1600s, Quakers made converts on the island

Married ‎1629 England (19 or 20 years married) to:

woman Theodate Bachiler (Batchelder)‏‎, daughter of Stephen Bachiler (Batchelder) and Anne Bate‏.
Married name: Hussey, born ‎1610/1615, died ‎20 Oct 1649 Hampton, NH Rockingham County‎, approximately 39 years


man John Hussey Sr.‏
Born ‎29 Feb 1635 Lynn Essex Ma, died ‎Aug 1707 New Castle De‎, 72 years. Occupation: Quaker preacher
John Hussey was baptized “the last day of ye last mo: Ao 1635” (most likely to be 28 Feb 1635 due to the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar) in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, the son of Christopher Hussey and Theodate Bachiler. John married Rebecca Perkins 2 September 1659. Rebecca was the daughter of Isaac Perkins and Susannah —. The Husseys were Quakers.
They moved to Hampton, Norfolk, Massachusetts (now Rockingham County, New Hampshire). John was a Quaker preacher. He owned Nonesuch plantation, was a yeoman(farmer) and a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1696. There, the Husseys were fined in 1663 and 1664 for not attending church meetings and in 1668 for working on a fast day (these were Puritan observances, not Quaker). In 1670, John was again fined for not attending meetings and for “using reproachful speeches against Mr. Cotton and his doctrine”. John was appointed a Representative in 1692 but refused to take the oath of office (taking oaths being against Quaker tenets) and was refused the office.
In 1671, John’s father gave his Nantucket lands to John and his brother Stephen but John later sold his interest in the island to Stephen. In 1688, the family moved to Newcastle, Newcastle, Delaware, where John “was a preacher to the Quakers”. In 1696, he served as a Representative, being being required to make an oath in his new home. John was appointed a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1696 (Quakers there were not required to take an oath of office.) John’s will was dated 8 May 1707
Son, Christopher; son, Jededeah; dau. Rebecca, wife of Samuel Collins; dau. Mary, wife of Moses Swett; dau. Ann, wife of James Stanyon; dau. Susannah, widow of Richard Otis; dau., Bathshabo, wife of Thomas Babb; dau. Charity, wife of Garit Garitson; dau. Content, wife of Henry Land; son, John Hussy. Exc. son, John Hussy
man Stephen S Hussey‏
Born ‎1640, died ‎1710‎, 69 or 70 years
woman Mary Hussey‏
woman Thoedate Hussey‏‎
Born ‎23 Aug 1640, died ‎20 Oct 1649‎, 9 years

2nd marriage
man Captain Christopher Hussey‏‎, son of John Hussey and Mary Wood‏.

Married ‎9 Dec 1658 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire (26 years married) to:

woman Anne Capon‏‎
Married name: Hussey