man Daniel M Newman M,D.‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER

Married (divorced) to:

woman Karen Ullstrup‏‎, daughter of Arnold J Ullstrup and Sara L Hoopes‏.
Born ‎1938‎, 85 or 86 years, ‎1st marriage (divorced) to: Daniel M Newman M,D., 2nd married/ related to: Stuart K Holcomb


woman Jennifer L Newman‏‎
Born ‎2 Jun 1966 Indianapolis, IN, died ‎30 Jun 2011 Chicago, IL‎, 45 years
See Obituary File HoopesNewmanSarahLObit.doc
man Douglas M Newman‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Stephen M Newman‏ PRIVACY FILTER

2nd marriage/ relation
man Daniel M Newman M,D.‏‎

Married/ Related to:

woman Rebecca‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER