woman Ann Chandler (Nee?)‏‎
Born ‎1607 Oare, Wilcot, Wiltshire, England, died ‎8 Apr 1633 Oare, Wilcot, Wiltshire, England‎, 25 or 26 years

Married/ Related to:

man John Chandler‏‎, son of Nicholas Chandler and Edith Spratt‏.
Born ‎23 Feb 1603 Oare Wilcot Wiltshire Eng, died ‎26 Mar 1684 Oare Wilcot Wiltshire Eng‎, 81 years


man George Chandler‏

Biographical Sketch of George CHANDLER (1881); Chester County, PA

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From THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope (1881);

pg. 496

CHANDLER, George, the ancestor of the family in this county, left his home at
Greathodge, in Wiltshire, England, in 1687, with his wife Jane and seven
children,-Jane, George, Thomas, Swithin, William, Charity, and Ann. The father
died at sea on the 13th of December in that year, but before the close of the
following year his widow found a second husband, William Hawkes, of Chichester,
(now) Delaware Co. John chandler, a brother of the elder George, came perhaps
at the same time, but does not appear to have had a family. His home in England
was at Oare, in the parish of Wilcott.
The early records of that parish show that the Chandlers were an old family
there. In 1602, John, the son of Thomas Chandler, was baptized, and in 1613,
William, the son of Swithin Chandler. April 8, 1633, George, the son of John
and Annie Chandler, was baptized. This may have been the emigrant, but it is
uncertain. Swithin Chandler, son of the latter, was born 6,24,1674.
Jane Chandler, Jr., married Robert Jefferis, of Chichester, afterwards of East
Bradford, Chester Co. George, Jr., married Ruth Bezer, and remained in
Chichester, where he died in 1714. Swithin married Ann ____, and settled in
Birmingham township, on the Brandywine, but subsequently removed to Christiana
Hundred, Del. William married Ann Bowater, and after some years settled in
Londongrove township, where he died in 1746. Thomas married Mary Mankin, and
settled on the Brandywine, in Birmingham. He left no children, but made his
nephew Thomas, son of William, his principal heir. Charity probably died young.
Ann married Samuel robins, and died in Philadelphia 8,10,1758.
As far as has been ascertained, the following are the names and births of the
Of Jane: Patience, Charity, William, James, Robert, George, Jane, Anne, Mary,
Benjamin, Thomas, John.
Of George: George, Ruth, John, Isaac, Rachel, Susanna, and others.
Of Swithin: Jacob, b. 2,9,1705; Charity, b. 1,20,1707; Ann, b. 2,1,1709;
Jane, b. 3,11,1711; Sarah, b. 3,20,1713; Swithin, b. 10,1,1715; Thomas, b. 10,
3, 1718; Margaret, b. 5,6,1721; Mary, b. 5,18,1723; Phebe, b. 3,31,1726; Betty,
b. 1,25,1729; Hannah, b. 4,4,1732.
Of William: Jane, b. 3,1,1713; Lydia, b. 8,2,1714; Samuel, b. 3,17,1716;
William, b. 2,20,1718; John, b. 1,20,1719-20; Ann, b. 12,27,1721; Thomas, b.
6,11,1794; Moses, Mary.
Of Ann: Sarah and others.