woman Lena Marie Hunt‏‎, daughter of William D Hunt and Elizabeth Kennedy‏.
Married name: Ewing,, born ‎8 Apr 1896, died ‎10 Jan 1919‎, 22 years

Married ‎27 Feb 1918 Champaign Co Mingo, OH (0 years married) to:

man William Randolph Ewing‏‎, son of Harrison Enoch "Harry" Ewing and Luella Mae "Lou" Beltz‏.
Born ‎15 Dec 1889 Champaign Co., Wayne Twp., Mingo, OH, died ‎8 Sep 1960 Urbana, Ohio‎, 70 years, buried ‎ Maple Grove Cemetery North Lewisburg Ohio. Occupation: Painter, ‎1st marriage to: Lena Marie Hunt, 2nd marriage to: Edna F Organ