man Micajah Mathis‏‎, son of John "The Great" Mathis and Alice (Higbee) Andrews‏.
Born ‎9 Sep 1717 Burlington County New Jersey, died ‎11 Nov 1804 Tuckertown, NJ‎, 87 years, buried ‎ Friends Burial Ground
Micajah Mathis & Mercy Shreve

9 Sep 1717: Micajah was born "the 9th day of the 9th month, 1717" in Burlington County, NJ.[1]
8 Sep 1725: Mercy Shreve, daughter of Joshua and Jane Shreve, was born in Upper Springfield.
7 OR 17 Mar 1747: Micajah married Mercy in Burlington County.[2]
1759: Mercy was appointed as a delegate to attend the Quarterly [Quaker] Meeting.
23 Oct 1779: Micajah was confirmed co-executor, along with mother Alice, of his father's will. Micajah had been bequeathed all real and personal property, being charged with the "godd support" of his mother, and the payment of specified amounts to John's other heirs.[3]
1795 Tax List, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County, NJ: 50 acres improved, 200 unimproved, 1 horse, 8 cattle.[4] In 1796, however, his unimproved acres had increased to 500.
Micajah "was an enterprising man, and besides his father's liberal behests, he accumulated a handsome property, but the depreciation of the Continental paper was a heavy blow to his financial affairs, yet, not withstanding all of his losses, at this death his personal property amounted to many thousand dollars, and he also owned the Francis French farm and a farm at Chestnut Neck, now called the Shreve Mathis farm. On the Frances French farm was a noted shipyard, where several large sloops were built. A brig called Argo was built at Micajah Mathis Senior's landing [in Bass River] on what was called the "Francis French farm" and for many years this was a noted shipyard. Soon after . . . Micajah Mathis built a large sloop called Hope . . . designed for the purpose of carrying lumber from Egg Harbor to New York City, and was commanded by Barzilla Mathis, son of the owner of the vessel. After Micajah's death, his sons Job and Barzilla were the proprietors of the Hope . . . He likewise owned many hundred acres of heavily timbered upland and cedar swamp."[5]
2 May 1799: Micajah signed his will. To son Job, he bequeathed a tract "taken off the easterly side of my lands beginning at the fork of the Great Creek below the Great Bridge", along with a second parcel surveyed to John Mathis. Son Benjamin received four parcels: 1) the remainder of the plantation "whereon I now dwell"; 2) the "survey corner" of 68 acres formerly surveyed to Mordicai Andrews lying on the road from Bass River to Little Egg Harbor; 3) 50 acres formerly surveyed to Mordecai Andrews; 4) 20 acres of salt marsh; and£100, two cows, a pair of oxen, carpenter, smith, and farming tools. To son Barzillai, he left land bordering Benjamin's tract and a survey at the mouth of Bass River. To son John, he left one tract purchased from Henry Davis and George Pain; a second bought from William Rogers, both in Galloway Township, Gloucester County; and 20 acres of salt marsh at Double Creeks. His remaining lands were to be divided between his other four sons. Daughters Mary Merritt and Sarah Leek were bequeathed £50, as was grandson Asa Brown, son of daughter Sarah, when he reached 21. The residue of his estate was to be divided between sons Job, Barzillai, John, and Benjamin. Executors: Sons Barzillai and Benjamin. Witnesses: John Forman, John Mathis, and Mary Stiles.[6]
11 Nov 1804: Micajah died, "aged 88 years and two days", his will being proved on 11 Dec 1804.[7] Mercy Shreve Mathis died that same year.
Dec 1804: The will was proved and the inventory, taken by John Forman and Maja Mathis, was submitted. The total value of the estate was $3,276.30.

Married ‎1747 (56 or 57 years married) to:

woman Mercy Shreve‏‎
Married name: Mathis, born ‎8 Sep 1725 Burlington County New Jersey, died ‎1804‎, 78 or 79 years


man Benjamin Mathis‏
Born ‎1760 New Jersey, died ‎1824 Tuckertown, NJ‎, 63 or 64 years, buried ‎ Friends Burial Ground
man Job Mathis‏
Born ‎1750
woman Martha Mathis‏‎
Born ‎25 May 1748, died ‎8 Apr 1759‎, 10 years
man John Mathis‏
Born ‎23 Dec 1753, died ‎20 Oct 1824‎, 70 years
man Brazilla Mathis‏
Born ‎13 Dec 1755, died ‎1811‎, 55 or 56 years

Barzilla commanded the sloop Hope, carrying lumber from Egg Harbor to New York City.
1795 Tax List, Little Egg Harbor Township: Barzillai was taxed for 50 improved acres and 200 unimproved acres, 1 horse and 8 cattle.
woman Mercy Mathis‏
Married name: Merrit, born ‎21 Aug 1762
William and Mercy Mathis Merritt "went to reside in the State of New York, near the Falls of Niagara" Leah Blackman p314
woman Sarah Mathis‏
Married name: Leek, born ‎29 Aug 1764