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man Blair, Alvin M & Bessie J. Nichtern* ‎1905* indiana† ‎28 Jan 1984† Evansville, IN
man Blair, Brice X Mary Polly Johnston* ‎30 Jan 1797* Kentucky† ‎11 Dec 1869† Pickrelltown Ohio
woman Blair, Delores M & Emmet Johnson* ‎8 Oct 1906* Indiana, USA† ‎13 Apr 1996† Evansville IN Vanderburg Cty
woman Blair, Dorothy W & Charles Humphrey Barnett* ‎1888* Indiana
woman Blair, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" 1st X William Beattie Shook, 2nd & Paul Shewman* ‎9 Sep 1926
woman Blair, Elizabeth Rachel & Samuel S Stanton* ‎22 Nov 1840* OHIO† ‎18 Mar 1897† Pickrelltown Ohio Logan County Ohio
woman Blair, Eunice Ulla X Harry Welrose Marshall* ‎26 Mar 1901† ‎31 Jul 1980† Cook County Chicago IL
man Blair, Frank Moody * ‎1855* Champaign County, OH† ‎± 1863† Mt. Victory 8 Years Old per Elizabeth obituary
man Blair, H Donald X Phyllis Jean Bair* ‎24 Sep 1921* Toledo Ohio
woman Blair, Hazel Mildred * ‎9 Feb 1898* indiana† ‎7 Nov 1993† Washington DC
woman Blair, Helen Ives X Carl Edmund Stuber* ‎1 Oct 1889† ‎16 Mar 1981† Bellefontaine, OH
woman Blair, Helen J & Robert Taliaferro† ‎25 Sep 1981† Evansville, IN
man Blair, Horace Kenneth "Bud" X Ethel Mary Overly* ‎31 Aug 1891* Bellelfontaine, OH† ‎12 Aug 1982† Bellelfontaine, OH
man Blair, Horace Sager & Jessie Ora Hipple* ‎19 Feb 1863* Mt. Victory (Ohio)† ‎18 Feb 1949† Bellefontaine Ohio
man Blair, Jabez Sager X Elizabeth Ann Ewing* ‎28 Dec 1826* Logan County Ohio† ‎6 Jun 1912† Logan County Ohio
man Blair, John Fletcher
man Blair, Kenton L. "Kent" * ‎1881† ‎1915
woman Blair, Mary Jane
woman Blair, Mayme Elizabeth X Harry Alfred Hattersley* ‎11 Jun 1886† ‎26 Jun 1959† Fort Wayne Indiana
woman Blair, Nora Ethel X Herbert F. Neufer* ‎1883* Allen County Ohio† ‎4 May 1957† Lima Ohio
man Blair, Norman * ‎1925
man Blair, Roy S X Elizabeth Minnie Bethe* ‎1891* Indiana
man Blair, Simon * ‎1826* Ohio
man Blair, Solon Kenton X Dora Florence (Dorothy} Mitchell* ‎21 Jan 1852* Union County Ohio† ‎1937† Allen Cty Indiana
woman Blair, Ulla Ann * ‎25 Nov 1864* Bellelfontaine, OH† ‎7 May 1948[] Lake Twnship, Bellelfontaine Cemetery
man Blair, William * ‎1830* Ohio
man Blair, William F 1st X Louise M Birkenmeyer, 2nd & Mary M. E.* ‎11 Jan 1855† ‎31 Mar 1925[] Locust Hill Cemetery Evansville Vanderburgh County Indiana
man Blair, William George * ‎15 Nov 1885* Indiana† ‎8 Sep 1944† Evansville IN

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