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man Cate, Aberiah
man Cate, Alexander Warren DDS 1st X Cleopatra S. Genter, 2nd X Lena R Morgan* ‎6 Jun 1867† ‎2 Feb 1934† Ada Idaho
man Cate, Alexander Warren & Virginia M* ‎6 Feb 1917† ‎19 Sep 2003† Boise Idaho
man Cate, Allen Fitzgerald & Priscilla Kathryn Perry* ‎12 Apr 1822† ‎15 Nov 1872
woman Cate, Alzira & William Traniun Mount* ‎14 Oct 1812* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎22 Jul 1885† Jefferson County, Tennessee
man Cate, Claborn R * ‎1836
man Cate, Elisha Porter & Mary Elizabeth Newman* ‎11 Oct 1795* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎17 May 1876† Sevier Tenn
woman Cate, Elizabeth & Captain Robert Cate Jr.
woman Cate, Elizabeth * ‎1712* Henrico, Virginia† ‎5 Nov 1765† Orange County, North Carolina
woman Cate, Emma Lou Delia "Dee Dee" X Ollie Douglas Johnson* ‎1 Nov 1902* Weatherfor Ok† ‎9 Sep 2003† Plano Tx
man Cate, George H * ‎1845
man Cate, Gideon * ‎29 Jan 1800* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎29 Jan 1878† McMinn Tenn
woman Cate, Hattie * ‎1864
man Cate, James C * ‎1840
man Cate, James D & Katie A* ‎1873* Tenn† ‎1936† Tenn
man Cate, John Jr. X Mary Ann Koontz* ‎16 Sep 1771* Orange County, North Carolina† ‎9 Mar 1839† Jefferson County, Tennessee
man Cate, John Sr X Mary Lawrence* ‎± 1753* Orange County, North Carolina† ‎after 2 Aug 1828† Dumplin Valley, Jefferson County, Tennessee
man Cate, John Daniel X Ava Jane Elder* ‎18 Nov 1796* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎9 Mar 1858† Meigs County, Tennessee
man Cate, Joseph * ‎30 Aug 1810* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎5 Jan 1884† Jefferson County, Tennessee
man Cate, Joshua * ‎1792† ‎1876
woman Cate, Josie Arminta "Do Do" X Lieutenant Wallis Ammi Frederick* ‎14 Oct 1895* Meigs County, Tennessee† ‎28 May 1983† New Braunfels Tx
woman Cate, Luavy * ‎1865
woman Cate, Martha L * ‎1871
woman Cate, Mary
woman Cate, Mary & Robert A Bales† ‎11 Dec 1869† Pollard Cemetery Sevier Cty Tenn
woman Cate, Mary Ann X Robert Ezra Cate Sr
woman Cate, Mary J & James Cox* ‎9 Jan 1834† ‎22 Jan 1917† Meigs County, Tennessee
man Cate, Michael * ‎20 Dec 1808* Jefferson County, Tennessee† ‎2 Jul 1890† Jefferson County, Tennessee
woman Cate, Nancy J * ‎1848
woman Cate, Naomi "Sis" X Ernest Wilson Thomas* ‎1 Oct 1893* Weatherfor Ok† ‎12 Feb 1979† Mcalester Ok

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