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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Shuler, Allie O (Ora) X Thomas B Thompson* ‎19 Oct 1887
man Shuler, Burtie L * ‎6 May 1871* New Dover, Oh† ‎20 Jun 1930† Dover Twp, OH 1920 Census
woman Shuler, Catherine X David Wills II* ‎28 Oct 1801* Sunbury Northcumberland, Pa
man Shuler, Charles M * ‎5 Jun 1906
man Shuler, Charles Manton 1st X Elizabeth Gibson, 2nd X Ellen T Macklin* ‎22 Nov 1872* Union County Ohio† ‎Jan 11 1915? 22 Aug 1958[] Oakdale Cemetery
man Shuler, Clarence A X Erma Dell Underhill* ‎16 Jan 1896† ‎3 Feb 1965† Marion Ohio
man Shuler, Clarence A "Jim" Jr. & Anna M* ‎16 Jan 1928* Union County Ohio† ‎7 Jan 1981† Marysville, Ohio
man Shuler, Dana Pride * ‎28 Aug 1884† ‎15 Mar 1948† Lansing Michigan
man Shuler, Daniel
man Shuler, Daniel X Ellizabeth Shuler* ‎13 Dec 1804* Sunbury Northcumberland, Pa† ‎22 Mar 1872† Allen County Oh
man Shuler, Daniel Grover X Cecil Ebright* ‎2 Dec 1884* Dover Twp, OH† ‎3 Sep 1920† Dover Twp, OH 1920 Census Franklin, Ohio
man Shuler, Daniel V. Pvt X Mary A. Loring* ‎1841* Delaware County OH† Mt Herman Cemetery, Union County Ohio Plot: row 8, grave 19
man Shuler, David X Clarissa Edson* ‎4 Oct 1832* Licking County Oh† ‎27 Jan 1908[] Oakdale Cemetery Marysville, OH
man Shuler, Dwight W * ‎1900† ‎8 Jun 1966
woman Shuler, ELLICE VICTORY X Edward Fleck* ‎1862
woman Shuler, Ellizabeth X Daniel Shuler
man Shuler, Emmanuel Wesley
woman Shuler, Eve Barbara & Jacob Losh (losch)* ‎1792
woman Shuler, Grace Edna * ‎15 Feb 1864† ‎21 May 1881[] Oakdale Cemetery Marysville, OH
man Shuler, Homer Albert & Agnes* ‎21 May 1891
man Shuler, Howard N * ‎1889
man Shuler, John & Anna Catherine* ‎1797* Pennsylvania
man Shuler, John
man Shuler, John B X Almeda Epps* ‎22 Nov 1874* New Dover† ‎6 May 1943† Franklin County Ohio
woman Shuler, Leah Ann X Henry Columber* ‎19 Jul 1835* Oh† ‎21 Apr 1903† Union County Ohio
man Shuler, Marion A & Fannie H Thompson* ‎21 Sep 1847* Delaware County Ohio† ‎21 Jul 1931† Dover Union County Ohio
man Shuler, Marion E * ‎Apr 1867* New Dover, Oh† ‎after 1920
man Shuler, Martin Banes
woman Shuler, Mary Ann * ‎8 Jul 1932† ‎2 Aug 1999
woman Shuler, Mary Ellen & Bernard Breach Evans* ‎26 Jan 1901* Dover Twp, OH† ‎19 May 1991† Franklin County Ohio

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