man John D Ewing‏‎, son of Edward ? Ewing and Prudence Antrim‏.
Born ‎1796 Pennsylvania (see daughter Elizabeth Notes OH?), died ‎16 Aug 1839 Champaign County, OH‎, 42 or 43 years. Occupation: Leather Working
1834 tax list Perry Twns Logan county 1 horse value 40 6 cattle value 48

A Captain John D. Ewing died on 16 Aug 1839 per a very blurry print in the Bellefontaine Gazette 24 Aug 1839. This is a year after John Smith Ewing died in Logan County and before the date of the application for administration by Deborah John's widow dated October 23, 1839

John Ewing was the first shoemaker in East Liberty, it seems this is the father of John Randolph Ewing and Oliver Ewing who were both referred to as shoemakers at one time or another.
Memoirs of Miami Valley Pg 299

A theory, which is as yet completely researched, is that there is a connection to a John Hoge Ewing who was a noted name in Pennsylvania born in 1796. It is noteable that a Solomon Hoge was security for Deborah Ewing's guardianship application. Solomon was born 13 Mar 1803 in Greene, Pennsylvania. His father was Solomon Hoge whose father was William Hoge and whose mother was Esther Ewing of Pennsylvania. Since Deborah's parents were practicing Quakers, it is unlikely that she would marry outside of the faith or family connections within a year of moving to Ohio.

John H. Ewing, of this family, came to Washington College at the beginning of the college year in 1810, and made his home with his father’s friend, Hon. John Hoge, after whom he had been named. There was no relationship between them, but Mr. Hoge and Mr. William Ewing had been surveyors together in early days,
Thomas Antrim was a Quaker and a first settler of Logan County and sister Prudence Antrim born 1768 in NJ married Edward Ewing in 1789. Some internet records show a John Wesley Ewing being born in 1814 and others beyond this date to this couple. It appears this child is in fact John Wesley Cooper whose mother is Ann Ewing, daughter of Edward and Prudence. It also appears that this must be a mistake since Pr udence would then be over fifty years old. Edward Ewing and Prudence and possible son John could have come to Logan Ohio with Prudence's brother Thomas in 1806. Note Edward and Prudence Ewing are shown in Butler County Ohio in 1820, 1830 and 1840. Prudence is reported to have died in 1853 in Clinton Ohio

Note that the 1880 census showing Daughter Elizabeth with Jabez Blair says father was born in OH mother NJ likely an error

Married ‎24 Apr 1817 Champaign County, OH (22 years married) to:

woman Deborah Mathis‏‎, daughter of Jeremiah John "The Carpenter" Mathis and Deborah Grant‏.
Married name: Garwood, born ‎4 Mar 1799 Little Egg Harbor Burlington, NJ, died ‎1865 Champaign County, OH‎, 65 or 66 years, ‎1st marriage to: John D Ewing, 2nd marriage to: Job Garwood
Note that Elizabeth Anne Ewing Johnson Blair's obituary states that John and Deborah had 14 children. This would explain the void from marriage to Elizabeth's birth. Also if John was the Captain who died just before 1840, he could have been away. It is unllikely because he is shown as a leather worker in history books


man Oliver Ewing‏
Born ‎1834 East Liberty OH, died ‎25 Mar 1924 Montgomery County Infirmary‎, 89 or 90 years, buried ‎ Grave #8 By
woman Elizabeth Ann Ewing‏
Married name: Blair, born ‎23 Oct 1824 Champaign County, OH, died ‎13 Oct 1907 627 East Columbus St Bellefontaine, OH‎, 82 years, death cause: Paresis - a condition typified by a weakness of voluntary movement, buried ‎ Lake Twnship, Bellefontaine Cemetery
Elizabeth EwingJ ohnson Blair

1880 census Bellefontaine, OH
Jabez S.
BLAIR Self M Male W 53 OH M. E.
Minister KY KY
Elizabeth A.
BLAIR Wife M Female W 55 OH Keeping
House OH NJ
William F.
BLAIR Son S Male W 25 OH House
Painter OH OH
Horace S.
BLAIR Son S Male W 17 OH At School OH OH
Ulla A. BLAIR Dau S Female W 15 OH At School OH OH
Alice PARKES Other S Female W 21 OH Servant ---

Minutes of the Central Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Central Ohio Conference, 1904. Vols. 49-53. p. 1050.

Verbatim Text of Bellefontaine Weekly Examiner October 18, 1907
Mrs. J. S. Blair.
At 3:50 Sunday morning at the family home on east Columbus avenue, the death of Mrs. J. S. Blair occurred, after an illness of two years from paresis, confining her to the indoors since April last.
Hers was a long period of illness but all that could be done by the family to lighten the hours of confinement was done and the presence of the daughter Ulla was the mother’s constant comfort. Everything else was made secondary to mother’s needs and wishes by the loving daughter and this was more to the patient invalid than her words could express. With her also, beside the family, day and night for many months was Miss Ewing, a niece who nursed her tenderly and lovingly.
Elizabeth Anne Ewing was born Oct. 23, 1824, in East Liberty, being of the family of 14 children of John Ewing. She married Dr. J. W. Johnson Oct. 5, 1842, and to them four children were born of whom Mrs. Ernestine Titsworth, of Mt. Victory, in the survivor. Dr. Johnson died Oct. 6, 1850, and on June 3, 1852, Mrs. Johnson was married to Dr. J. S. Blair, their home being in Zanesfield, and five children being born to them. Of these Frank Moody died at 8 years in Mt. Victory and the survivors are S. K., of Fort Wayne, Ind., Will F. of Evansville, Ind., Horace of the Bellefontaine Fire Department, and Miss Ulla who lives at the family home.
One brother, Oliver Ewing, lives in Dayton, and one half-brother, Napoleon Garwood, lives in West Liberty.
Rev. Blair and wife lived at many places during his activity as a Methodist minister, in Mt. Victory, North Fostoria, Bellecenter, Springhill, and other places, and came here first in 1870. Living here a short time they went away and came back in 1876 and built the home on east Columbus where they have resided ever since.
Mrs. Blair united when 12 years old, in East Liberty, with the M. E, church, under George W. Walker, and to that faith was steadfast to the end.
The above are the facts in the history of Mrs. Blair’s life but of her usefulness, her cheerfulness, her genuineness and her devotion to her family and friends more can be said. She was of the type of women who stamp their individuality plainly. She was helpful in marked degree to her husband when he was an active gospel preacher, and at all times, and to her children she was a loving mother and a constant friend. As a neighbor she was more than the word implies in this day and kindness and helpfulness were her strong characteristics. She was entertaining company and her quaint sayings were many, and well remembered is her wit and good humor. She was intelligent and no one in need was ever refused help by her if she could possibly give it.
In the 55 years of their married life the death of their son Frank was the only death in the family of Rev. J. S. Blair and wife.
Dr. C. R. Havighurst will conduct the funeral at 3 Tuesday afternoon, Revs. Bigley and Swank assisting. Interment in the city cemetery.
man James Ewing‏‎
Born ‎1827 Logan County, Ohio
James is shown living in Hickory MO in 1870 and as being born in 1827 in Logan County Ohio He is living with an Edward A Ewing and Edward's family. The theory that Edward Ewing Married to Prudence Antrim Ewing who emigrated to Logan County with her brother may be John Ewing's father is given some credence by the naming of a son Edward.

The other John (Smith) Ewing had a son named James, but he stayed in Virginia when John Smith Ewing came to Logan County
man John Randolph Ewing‏
Born ‎Feb 1826 Champaign County, OH, died ‎16 Mar 1903 Mingo Ohio‎, 77 years, death cause: Paralysis, buried ‎ Mt Carmel Cemetery M.E. Church. Occupation: Leather Working - Groom in 1880
1860 census shows he (28) and Frances (27) with their children Mary E. (7), Amanda (4) and Charles (2) This is Charles who first married Catharine Heath in 1881. This is Oliver's Charles. Note that a Charles and Franklin appear on the 1870 census living with a Mary Jones. Ages match and other female children appear in separate households.

Charles and Franklin in 1870 are probably Olivers children

John was a shoemaker. The 1850 census shows Oliver as a shoemaker also.

John R. and Randolph are the same man

Obituary shows him dying March 16 1903 being 76 years old
man Sherman Ewing‏‎
Born ‎1836 Champaign County, OH
See application for probate 5 5 1840 champaign county by Deborah Ewing Sherman was 4

See notes on Mary Eliza, his sister
woman Mary Elizabeth Ewing‏
Born ‎1839
Per application for probate 5 May 1840 Champaign county by Deborah Ewing, Mary Eliza was 6 months old

See Mary Dumbell and H Dumbell in 1860 census of Job Garwood house.
Mary Dumble was referred to in an 1859 Logan County case regarding a title where it appears that the Ewing clan had signed off on a deed and Mary was a minor who was married. see Cornell v. McLain's Heirs, etc. Vol. IV Weekly Law Gazette 187 Logan Common Pleas Court, December Term, 1859

John Cornell v. The Widow, Heirs and Administrator of John McClain

This case notes that John Ewing died without a will and had 9 chiildren, seven of whom signed off their rights to their mother Deborah and Mary who was a married minor and Sherman who was referred to as non competent although disputed.

Deed records need to be examined.

Mary's children were Mary age 3 and H Dumbell (Dumble) age 5 in 1860 see Job Garwood Logan County 1860 census
unknown Milton Ewing‏‎
Born ‎1835 Ohio. Occupation: Artist
see 1860 census under Job Garwood a couple of households listed as artist
also see 1910 census probably not but ashland county mohican twnship
Milton EwingsAge:25Birth Year:abt 1835Gender:MaleBirth Place:OhioHome in 1860:West Liberty, Logan, OhioPost Office:West LibertyDwelling Number:648Family Number:441Occupation:ArtistHousehold Members:NameAgeAngeline F Miller40James W Miller17Augusta Miller15Milton Ewings25Wm Hessecker27
woman Martha Jane Ewing‏
Married name: Johnston, born ‎1835 Logan County, Ohio, died ‎28 Nov 1878‎, 42 or 43 years
Family Search M514431 1818 - 1872 0354836 V. A-C Film NONE

1850 census puts her birth in 1833. 1860 census puts her birth at 1835. Martha is in the 1870 census but not in the 1880 census. 1870 they were in Benton, Keokuk, Iowa and in 1880 they were in Lincoln, Union, Iowa. . In the 1880 census Almond marked "widowed/divorced" box. The youngest child is May B. who is five.

The 1860 census shows her and Almon living next door to John Ewing, Deborah Ewing Garwood and Milton Ewing
Calvin /Johnston/ birth: 1852
Perry /Johnston/ birth: 28 May 1853
Hewitt Mack /Johnston/ birth: 1 September 1854 death: 24 June 1903
Hyat M. /Johnston/ birth: 1857
Charles William /Johnston/ birth: 14 December 1858 death: 15 June 1859
Judd (Judge) Julin /Johnston/ birth: 27 May 1860 death: 8 December 1924
Frank /Johnston/ birth: 11 December 1863 death: 30 September 1946
Morris /Johnston/ birth: 15 December 1866
Homer /Johnston/ birth: 4 May 1869
Marion Almond /Johnston/ birth: 19 December 1872
May Bell /Johnston/ birth: 12 May 1875
man Charles M Ewing‏
Born ‎20 Mar 1818 Ohio, died ‎20 Mar 1863 Mahaska County Iowa‎, 45 years, buried ‎ Bellefountaine Cemetery Mahaska County Iowa. Occupation: Postmaster - Farmer
1840 census shows Charles living with a wife both aged 20 to 30
married a short year before census
lived very close to Deborah
was the administrator of John Ewing's estate in 1839 signed Charles M Ewing as administrator
1860 census Iowa with Hester 657 - 682 and 4 children Oskaloosa, Mahaska, Iowa
1861 Appointed postmaster in Oskaloosa with wife referred to as Josie

1900 Iowa census
Sanford Ewing 52?
Sarah J Ewing 39
Ella B Ewing 19
Isham P Ewing 17

1820 census shows John Ewing with a female child between ten and twenty six living in Urbana remember there were two John Ewings in Logan County Ohio who died within a short time of each other one was a John Smith Ewing related to Indian John Ewing, the other John is the husband of Deborah Mathis

According to C M is not the son of the other John who was John Smith Ewing son of Indian John Ewing

\Ewing\john ewing\CharlesMEwing 1818FindAGrave.pdf

1860 census Iowa
C M Ewing 42
Hester Ewing 42
Napoleon Ewing 18
Josephine Ewing 17
Woltz Ewing 11
Flora Ewing 6
man Lemuel Ewing‏
Born ‎30 Jan 1821 East Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio, died ‎1886‎, 64 or 65 years
Moved to Des Moines Iowa in the 1850's

History of Des Moines County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879

EWING, Lemuel, Superintendent of County House and Farm, S. 4; P. O.
Burlington; born in East Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 30, 1821.
In Jan. 25, 1844, married Miss Jane Porter; she was born in Ohio, May 21, 1824;
they came to this county in 1857; have three children: Jerome, born in Ohio Nov. 16, 1845;
Martha Ann, born in Ohio May 8, 1847;
Romanzo, now Mrs. J. Q. Beck, born in Ohio Aug. 12, 1849.
Jerome Ewing married Caroline Kook Sept, 28, 1876.
Mr. Ewing was appointed Superintendent of County House and Farm in September 1868;